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“Since before his introduction to the oral histories, Ouji would, in awe, listen to the Sages’ stories of the legendary Scavenger teams. Today, moments before the sun would shine upon the sands of the wasteland, he is already delving deep inside the long abandoned Ecumenopolis scavenging for supplies and ancient technology"

Concept Piece Designed and Handcrafted by Symeon

Material: Acrylic Glass (Poly[methyl methacrylate]).

  • This is a MADE TO ORDER item, please allow up to 1 Week for Crafting before the item is Shipped. Each item is laser cut and shaped by hand using heat treatment. In case you want to return the item, please come into contact through email or instagram page within a week after receiving it.
  • This Item is made to be used exclusively as an accessory. It is not designed with medical benefit in mind and is not meant to be used for protecting the eyes from UV rays or Impact. Do not use this item on public roads as vision may be distorted. Do not look into the sun while wearing this item.
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